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The training is intended to be given to IT focal persons of different ministries. It will be coordinated by High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT) and conducted by FOSS Nepal Community. The training program will mainly focus on the alternatives available in the Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) world and how an end-user could migrate from existing proprietary software.

FOSS refers to such software which give users the freedom to use the software for any purpose, to get access to the source code of the software and study it, to make changes to the source code, to redistribute changes and changed versions of the software under these same terms. FOSS has been widely adopted as an alternative to proprietary software. It has advantages over the latter in security, reliability, flexibility, possibility of localization and finally low cost.


The implementation of FOSS would drastically cut software costs for the government, while promoting the use of legal software and reducing illegal software piracy activities in the country. It would not only lead to decrease in payments to and dependency from foreign proprietary software manufacturers, but would also assure that software specifically developed for a given administration is reusable in similar administrations and available as Free/Open Source Software.

Free and Open Source Software undoubtedly provides a full fledged, low cost and high productive alternatives for the existing amass commercial and non-commercial applications, OS and standard utilities. This program targets government officials as audience for migration and starter for using Open Source applications including operating system and application essentials for performing and enhancing daily job of the officials.


The main objectives of the one-day training course are:

  • To create awareness about FOSS in government sector
  • To enhance the skills in FOSS environment
  • To familiarize with FOSS related environment and tools
  • To prospect the effectiveness and methods of usage of FOSS
  • To present FOSS as easy, effective and cost-effective tools for productive day-to-day computing


Some of the training methods that will be used to teach are:

  • Slides and lectures: Slides will be used to explain concepts and also illustrate the step-by-step procedure to perform each task.
  • Demonstrations: Resource persons will perform live demonstrations of procedures
  • Open Floor Discussion: Any difficulties, quests and personal opinions will be sorted out and discussed bilaterally among participant and resource persons in this session, as well this session can be utilized as brainstorming session too.


There are specific requirement for hardware setup that will be required for the training:

  • Computers – One each or at least two in one
  • Projector – One
  • Stationaries/White Board and markers


This is a 1-day training and will be conducted on Asadh 30, 2065 (July 14, 2008) from 9:45 – 17:00.


The training will be conducted at the High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT) hall.


The expected number of participants in the training course is about fifty.


Time Proceedings
9:45 – 10:00 Registration + Tea
10:00 – 10:15 Opening Ceremony
10:15 – 13:15 Session 1 – 100 minutes
  • Introduction to FOSS and its Benefits – 20 minutes
  • FOSS activities in Nepal – 20 minutes
  • Unicode and its usability – 60 minutes (hands-on)

Session 2 (Hands-on) – 80 minutes

  • Migration to FOSS and Alternatives available
    • Firefox (With Featured Addons)
    • Thunderbird
    • 7-zip
    • PDF Creator
    • Pidgin
13:15 – 13:45 Lunch Break
13:45 – 15:45 Session 2 (Hands-on) - 120 minutes
  • Introduction to Suite
    • Writer
    • Calc
    • Impress
15:45 – 16:00 Tea Break
16:00 – 16:15
  • Migration to FOSS (Security Utilities)
    • ClamWin Free AntiVirus
    • WinPooch
16:15 – 17:00 Open Discussion/Feedback


High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT)

High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT) is an apex body formed under the chairmanship of Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Nepal with a view to providing crucial strategic direction and helping formulate appropriate policy responses for the development of ICT sector in the country as well as harnessing these technologies to meet key developmental challenges including governance reform and catalyzing economic growth for poverty reduction.

FOSS Nepal Community

FOSS Nepal Community is a team of volunteers who believe in the usage of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS). The primary objective of the community is to promote and diversify the usage of Free/Open Source Software in Nepal.