Strategy 2008-2009

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  • FOSS Ka Kura (FKK) on a regular basis and assign it to FOSS IOE Pulchowk with FKK Coordinator
  • FOSS Support Center in HLCIT
  • FOSS Training and Research Center in Brihaspati school
  • Changing curriculum in schools by including FOSS topic and making it vendor neutral
  • Software Freedom Day 2009 on September 19
  • FOSS Nepal @ CAN InfoTech 2009
  • LTSP Deployments
  • Trainings and Presentations:
    • Presentation at CDC (after Dashain) and give them written feedback to change course
    • Training to NTA staff members (1-week, 2-3 hours each day)
    • Tie up with NPIX (Gaurab Upadhyaya ji) for System Administration training (Could this be something on enterprise front?)
    • Training of Trainers (ToT) and Community training @ Brihaspati Training Center
    • FOSS Orientation program to Media persons (after Dashain)
    • FOSS Orientation program @ Kantipur Engineering College (KEC), Dhapakhel (after Dashain)
  • Give more responsibilities to active community members by involving them in working committee and form sub-committees like CCC, Curriculum committee, LTSP, NepaLinux, Ubuntu, Fedora interest groups, etc.
  • Form local FOSS communities in colleges and universities with presentations in new ones
  • Can we do something on the Enterprise front?