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What are StartUp Sessions?

StartUp Sessions are like informal training sessions targeted at disseminating the basic how-to skills required to do a certain technical work. The sessions would cover technical how-tos on various topics decided on to by the community members.

Who is the audience?

StartUp Sessions are geared more towards beginners who want to learn to how to do the work covered up in a particular session. But these sessions also welcome intermediate and advanced users to share their experience, tips and tricks, and problems.

What would be the frequency of the sessions?

The StartUp sessions are planned to be organized once per week (but is changeable).

Who will facilitate the sessions?

A community member or an external expert willing to volunteer would generally facilitate the sessions. There can be more than one facilitators.

I want to host a session, what should I do?

If you want to host a session around an interesting subject, be sure you are subscribed to our mailing list. Write a mail to the mailing list about the session topics and its contents, and wait for the feedback. If the topic gathers enough interest, we/you can put up a page on the wiki for that session, and announce the date, time, venue and the URL to the session wiki page as a reply to the same thread of the topic announcement. Interested candidates/trainees would go through the wiki page and add their names to the *Attendants* section.

What would be the venue of the sessions?

The sessions would not have a fixed venue. FOSS Nepal has a office situated at Putalisadak (opposite to Shankerdev Campus). It has a seating capacity (without chairs and tables though) of 15 persons. Any session can use our office as a venue and host a session there (though there are limitations on seating capacity and furnishing).

I want to attend a session of a topic which is not announced yet, what should I do?

There might be a scenario where a session on xyz topic has not been announced, but you want to take it. What you can do in such case is that you write a mail to the mailing list about the topic of the session you would like to attend. Also important is that you mention the importance of the session. Wait till some momentum is gathered around the thread and someone picks it up as willing to facilitate the session.

Do I need to pay to attend the session?/Would I be paid to facilitate the session?

StartUp sessions, as planned, is going to be voluntary and non-paid session. This means the attendant do not need to pay to attend a session, and similarly the facilitator would not be paid as well. Except, the participants can themselve contribute a small amount for the tea/coffee/cookies during the program and a small momento for the resource person. But, there might be a screening barrier for the attendants in case the number of interested individuals to attend the session is large than the seating capacity of the venue. Also, there exist possiblities for a few special sessions.

What should I bring to attend a session?

All you need to bring is a notebook, pens/pencils, a laptop (in case it is a hands-on session), and peace of mind & concentration.

Required Resources

  • Whiteboard
  • Markers
  • Witheboard wipers
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Laptops
  • Projector (??)