September 26 2008

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In order to excel further activity of our community the essence of this meeting was felt after a short discussion on mailinglist. the exact idea for starting this meeting was:

lets meet on thursday or friday evening around 4PM (whichever date could attract more heads). We can always initiate early discussion on irc or create wiki page and inform everyone through list. The meeting will be 2 hour long clearly divided in 4 category:

  1. Assessment of sfd 08 (cheque, bills, receipts, remaining t-shirt or whatsoever)
  2. Initial mockup of "Prasfutan" and its direction (you handle this session)
  3. Regular Localization Package, trend and ideas (I am ready to oversee this)
  4. Strategy for next year (milestone setting and direction for FOSS Nepal)

Later Subir dai Improvisation and pre-meeting on first agenda caused the meeting agenda and time schedule to be changed

The Meeting Agenda

  1. Prasfutan and way ahead (by Bibek Paudel)
  2. On Nepali Wikipedia and Nepali Media (by Shankar Pokharel)
  3. Localization project (by Ankur Sharma)
  4. Strategy for next year (by Subir Pradhanang)

Each section above can be allocated 10min description and 10min discussion while strategy section gets whole 1hour of attention due to gravity of the agenda and matters needed to be described.Do you think the time allocation and agendas is fair, if not please discuss it in discussion page.

Please keep yourself updated on above agendas by viewing above links to keep meeting on track.

Further discussion

  1. Some Package Management jobs and some development works (needs distribution)

-- Please specify in detail


  1.Localization - Ankur
   * we all are technical people who may not be interested in localization
   * more targeted people are from valley who are more interested in keyboard layout.
   * We are not into right audience.


   *pootle server/ dissemination
   *inclusion in FOSS Promotion materials
   *team formation.
   *Orientation to new members.
   *Set path for them. Show them ways to contribute to FOSS
     Unicodify can be made an addon of OOo.
     For Nepali Translation, we have one glossary by HLCIT. We need to refer to it for.

  2.Prasfutan -Bibek Paudel
    What is it?

Its a portal for sharing the creativity whose creativity is not getting a medium to share. Matches the theme of FOSS Nepal this year--> create.share.collaborate

     What is to be done?

Create the site in Drupal. Design the layout. Domain registration. Kick start.

  3. Strategy of FOSS Nepal for 2008-2009
     Subir Pradhanang presented the strategy for 2008-2009
     Strategies based on:
   *FOSS Ka Kura (FKK) on a regular basis and assign it to FOSS IOE Pulchowk with FKK Coordinator
   *FOSS Support Center in HLCIT
   *FOSS Training and Research Center in Brihaspati school
   *Changing curriculum in schools by including FOSS topic and making it vendor neutral
   *Software Freedom Day 2009 on September 19
   *FOSS Nepal @ CAN InfoTech 2009
   *LTSP Deployments
   *Trainings and Presentations:
         o Presentation at CDC (after Dashain) and give them written feedback to change course
         o Training to NTA staff members (1-week, 2-3 hours each day)
         o Tie up with NPIX (Gaurab Upadhyaya ji) for System Administration training (Could this be something on enterprise front?)
         o Training of Trainers (ToT) and Community training @ Brihaspati Training Center
         o FOSS Orientation program to Media persons (after Dashain)
         o FOSS Orientation program @ Kantipur Engineering College (KEC), Dhapakhel (after Dashain)
   * Give more responsibilities to active community members by involving them in working committee and form sub-committees like CCC, Curriculum committee, LTSP, NepaLinux, Ubuntu, Fedora interest groups, etc.
   * Form local FOSS communities in colleges and universities with presentations in new ones
   * Can we do something on the Enterprise front?

Discussions were held focusing on few things like:

  2.Training centre
  3.Support Centre
  4.FOSS Nepal sustainability
  5.Fund generating
  6.Motivating and involving members in maximum of projects.

This has been the proposed programs and what we do in this year. The discussions and changes of required can be done in followup meetings.

The final decision of the meeting were:

  1.      Boost up Localization campaign/project.
  2.      Do massive work on uplifting local talents and encouraging everyone around us to be a part of prasfutan.
  3.      Work on training centre/ support centre. Develop mechanism very soon and organize TOT and Training to e-library staffs from around Nepal after Dashain.
  4.      FKK will be organized by IOE-FOSS on behalf of FOSS NEPAL Community. The venue will be IOE,Pulchowk unless other interested college offer for venue.