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Questionare (draft)

  1. Have you met any problem? If yes, have you been able to cope with any problems yourself. a) no b)yes,no c) yes,yes
  2. If you are called for attending training, What kind of training would you expect? ____________________
  3. You must have planned some course of action for extracting benefits from the elibrary upto its maximum. Mention them with current progress in few lines.
  4. How many computer are operational
  5. If all computers are not operational what seems to be the problem with the computers
  6. On an average how many students attend the class at a time and how much of time are they allotted
  7. Except than students, have others accessed computers or not
  8. Is the internet connectivity active or not (if available) if not what seems to be the problem
  9. What the elibrary is doing to make it self sustainable after the complete handover from HeNN
  10. What are the general problem faced while running/managing the E-Library
  11. In what way E-libraries are making impact to the society

I prefered it to be multiple choice as we decided in our meeting at Roshendra Dai's home.

  1. When do you provide the time to the community to use the resouces?

a) Before school hour b) After school hour c) On holidays d) We have been unable to provide

  1. Who do you think has benefited most from the project?

a) Students in primary level b) Students of 6-8 classes c) Secondary students d) Community people

  1. What do you is the biggest challenge you are facing?

a) Lack of syllabus b) Lack of training to teacher c) Extra Expenses d) Insufficient number of PCs