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Switch to Open Source: The New Way Of Getting It Done


Due to increasing popularity and use of free and open source software the need of informing the people about open source movement is a must. Over the past five years, people have become fascinated by the tremendous impact that various open source software has made in the marketplace. Most notably, the open source Linux operating system and Apache Web server have successfully challenged Microsoft’s market dominance to the point where Microsoft considers these tools to be among its most serious competitors.

Open source software’s provide alternative to the Microsoft’s and other commercial organization’s product in cheaper or even in free. In Nepal also the software commonly used are the pirated versions with many defects or reduced capability. The Open source software provides easy and customizable solution to many demands of the user. Since the software are made by the users they are more user friendly and can be modified as user demands. Due to high flexibility of the open source software’s they are increasing their dominance over user all around the world.


To inform the students or the next generation of our country about the open source movement we are organizing a one day seminar on open source software’s and solution. The Title of the program is “Switch to Open source: The New Way Of Getting It Done”. Students of various level and other interested persons will participate in the seminar.

Targeted group

Intermediate, Bachelors, and Masters level students along with all interested people in the topic.

Expected no. of participants: 150 - 200

Date, Time and Venue

Date: February 10, 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 12 - 3 pm
Venue: St. Xavier's College, Maitighar, Kathmandu


Registration fee: Rs. 25

Organizers and Supporters

  • Organized By: St. Xavier's Computer Council
  • Supported By: FOSS Nepal Community

Tentative Program Agenda

  1. Introduction to FOSS (20 Mins) - Hempal Shrestha
  2. Introduction to FOSS Nepal and activities (15 Mins) - Subir Pradhanang
  3. Migration to FOSS and Alternatives available (30 Mins) - Dayaram Budhathoki and Prabin Gautam
  4. Challenges and Opportunities of Migration to FOSS (25 Mins) - Shishir Jha
  5. Learning from Cases of Migration to FOSS in Nepal and abroad (Both Success and Failure cases) (20 Mins) - Rajesh Khanikar/Abhinandan ji from UMN
  6. How can you contribute? (20 mins) - Jwalanta Shrestha
  7. Final concluding paper on RECOMMENDED steps for Migration:: 10 Mins
  8. Interactions and Open Floor

Contact Details

Arjun Sharma, St. Xavier's Computer Council (9841-685436)

Subir Pradhanang, FOSS Nepal Community (9841-268738)