Planning Meeting 2009

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Annual planning meet

where we will focus on:

  1. Planning next years calender
  2. Define primary focus (objectives) of FOSSN for next year
  3. sort all ideas we had till now and prioritize them
  4. disseminate certificates, cards etc and hold small party at evening.

structure of program

Time Event
8:00 AM finish lunch at home (that'll save a lot for evening party)
9:00 AM gather
10:00 AM One कार्यपत्र presentation
11:00 AM Briefing of how discussion would be forwarded
11:30 AM start collecting ideas, group discussions
1:00 PM If possible खाजा
1:30 PM final collective discussion
2:30 PM Planning and calender design
3:30 PM Finalization (final presentation)
4:00 PM certificate and other goodies distribution
Evening Partiiiiiiii

Could be major Agendas

... ...