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FOSS Nepal Community - Person of Contact (PoC) are the group of active volunteers with same vision but with different knowledge set, who plans and coordinates all kinds of community activities. The group is responsible for organizing regular meetups, event and also coordinated with others Open and College Communities of Nepal.

PoC are completely unpaid volunteers, who commits 5-10 hours a week virtually and/or physically for FOSS Nepal Community activities. Are you an Open Source Enthusiast and want to contribute in some way to the Open Source momentum in Nepal?

Person of Contact (PoC)

Abhishek Pandey | St. Xavier's College

I'm a student who has just completed +2 studies. I'm involved in the GDG Dang committee and also a level 3 Google Local Guide. I'm a technology enthusiast and I'm always interested on the FOSS community worldwide and Nepal as well. I'm very much willing to be a part of this society and contribute to it.

Amit Shrestha | National School Of Sciences

A 16 year guy fond of tweaking Open Source softwares. Talking about programming knowledges, codes in QBASIC, C, Java, python and is engaged with Android Studio while in web development, codes in php, HTML and CSS. Founder at NIST/NSS Open Source Community,Founder and Project manager at First Benchers (Under Development), Volunteer at FOSS Nepal and FOSS Chitwan. Currently doing +2 Science with Computer Science from National School of Sciences.

Jeevan Chapagain | Asian School of Management and Technology

Currently perusing my career in Bsc(CSIT), I am a tech enthusiast and have been actively involved and volunteering in FOSS Nepal Community. In needed period I have volunteered at other open source community like Mozilla Nepal, PHP Developers Nepal , ASM penguins. I am also a web developer and freelancer and PHP is my main language. Apart from that I also do Javascript, HTML, CSS and Android.I have participated in many hackathons and recently won the peoples choice award and got nominated for International People's choice award in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016. I am also associated with Selinum Technology(under development) which is a start up of our own.

Manish Marahatta | Islington College

Pursuing his undergraduate degree [Bsc. Hons IT(Computing)] from Islington College, Manish is an Intermediate level coder as he terms there's more to learn every day. Containing the Programming Knowledge in PHP, JAVA, C, C++, he also writes some of his IRC bot's using BASH. He is a LINUX enthusiast and consume all the free resources and tools available. He also has a good hand in experiences in the tools and languages like Python, Assembly, LISP, JS, Ruby, Android Studio, SCM (GIT and Bazaar). He currently works at InBox IT Solutions as a full-stack web and app developer. He is also the co-founder and lead developer of Chhito Nepal (Ecommerce Platform). He truly believes and follows the saying 'Free as in Freedom' coined by Richard Stallman. He is also an Open Data Moderator and helps contributing toward Free and Open Source Applications. Manish also frequently blogs about Technology, Entrepreneurship and Movies. As his OS Choices, he most often use Ubuntu, Arch-Linux and Gentoo. Contact him: |

Subash Basnet | Kathford Int'l College of Engineering and Management

I'm studying Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Kathford Int'l College. Currently I'm board member of KATHFOSS(Kathford FOSS Community). You can reach me through Email: or can find me at Twitter:

Amit Chaudhary | Kathmandu Engineering College

Amit is currently doing his undergraduate in Computer Engineering at Kathmandu Engineering College. He's a technology enthusiast and enjoys learning new things in his free time.
E-mail: or twitter.

Roshan Gautam | Amrit Campus

Roshan Gautam, currently studying BSc.CSIT at Amrit Campus. FOSS Volunteer, Regional Ambassador Lead at Mozilla. I love to contribute on Open Source Products. Professionally android developer learning python these days.
E-mail: or twitter.

Rumi Rajbhandari | Kathford Int'l College of Engineering and Management

Currenly pursuing BSc.CSIT degree from Kathford Int'l College of Engineering and Management and had done +2 from Prasadi Academy. I had been engaged with different event like WLiT Boot camp 2016 and NASA Space App Challenge 2015. In WLiT Boot Camp I learned android app development, leadership, public speaking, teamwork, collaborative problem solving, decision making and goal setting. At the end of this boot camp we made app ATM NEPAL and in the Space App Challenge we made app Food Direction. Android, Java, PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, C,C++ are my core programming language.

Sushma Giri | Kathford Int'l College of Engineering and Management

Currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree from Kathford Int'l College of Engineering and Management and had done +2 from White House Higher Secondary School. I had been engaged with different kinds of activities some of them are: Participated in Women Leaders in Technology Boot Camp​ 2016, May ● Participated in a 2 week leadership and professional training organized by WLiT ● Widespread learning experience in developing leadership skills, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Collaborative Problem­ Solving, Decision Making, Goal Setting ● Developed the Android application of Contact Management using JSON Parse and was capable to built Shop Local as an E­Commerce android app. Android Development Project, ​Shop Local ​ ( WLiT, Kathmandu) ● Developed the Shop Local Android application​ ​ which is ​ a shopping app that helps user to browse a selection of trending fashion, accessories and electronics. The shop Local personalizes the user’s shopping experience, adjusting what products are shown based on browsing behavior Kathford Minor Project, ​Girl's Store ​ ( Kathmandu) ● Developed Girl's Store E­Commerce site which is an app to discover and buy trending products through websites and payment can be done via cash on delivery.

Pradip Bhandari | Freelancer

I am an Electronics and Communication engineer from IOE, WRC. Robotics , Artificial intelligence and machine learning Enthusiast with a keen eye on the latest tech developments. Passionate about Opensource hardware and software, Information Security, Penetration Testing, Darkweb and much more.


Subir Pradhanang | FOSS Nepal Community

Subir is one of the active founding member and contributor of FOSS Nepal Community with more than 8 year experience in Linux. He had received 'Award for Excellent Achievement' in Open Source Software and Linux. He is one of the core people who started open source momentum in Nepal and has been active contributor since then. He is Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and also good with Puppet, Ansible and Amazon Web Services including CloudFormation.

Hempal Shrestha | FOSS Nepal Community

Hempal Shrestha, IT Professional, has over 15 years of experience in IT industry, tech startups, social development, and legal sector. He is the Chair of Research and Development Committee at the Federation of Computer Association of Nepal and co-founder of FOSS Nepal Community. He is the director of Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub that organizer of the Startup Weekend in Nepal He is strategically associated with various IT companies, development stakeholders, and educational institutions in Nepal and South Asia as the Full-Stack Consultant.

Previously, he was System Analyst with Nepal Government; IT Consultant with ICCO Cooperation for South Asia; secondment as Program Officer with International Development Research Centre (IDRC) for Bellanet International in Asia region; Head of Department with the St. Xavier's College in Kathmandu, Nepal; and Software Engineer with APCA Nepal.

Prabin Gautam | FOSS Nepal Community

Prabin is FOSS Enthusiast and Open Technology practitioner. He is one of the active founder member and contributor of FOSS Nepal Community. He is also the founder coordinator of Kathmandu University Open Source Community(KUOSC). After graduating from Kathmandu University, He join Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya. He was involved in Sambad and Nepalinux Project. He has been involved in Help Nepal Network's Elibrary project(LTSP System). Prabin has completed M.Sc. in Computing from University of Northampton, UK. His Masters dissertation topic was 'Efficacious Adoption of IT in developing Countries- A Case of Nepal' which has given an IT adoption framework for developing countries using Open Technologies. He also worked as Lecturer of Computer Science in Kathmandu University(2013-2014). Currently he is working for a datawarehouse as Analyst for a medical insurance firm in US.

Basanta Shrestha | FOSS Nepal Community

Basanta holds Masters in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University of India and has been in the IT sector for over ten years. In the past, Basanta has led OLE Nepal as a chief technical officer and Program Manager. He also led the development of Nepali localized Linux distribution, Nepalinux in PAN Localization Project. He contributed in included integrating nepali keyboard input system, coordination of localization of mozilla-firefox and gnome, system testing and testing of different applications for Nepalinux.

Basanta is one of the founding members of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) Nepal Community. He is FOSS enthusiast and has been involved in various FOSS activities like awareness building, migration and training. He is also a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). Currently he is engaged with Libresoft IT Solutions.

Sagun Dhakhwa | FOSS Nepal Community

Sagun is a Computer Engineer and has a masters of science in IT from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Sagun is one of active FOSS Activist and IT Product Design Engineer of Nepal. He has been involved in FOSS projects from 2014. He currently works as IT Consultant for Government of Nepal and lead an organization named "Outlines Research & Development Pvt. Ltd." Sagun is one of the founding member of FOSS Nepal Community.

Sagun has also been involved in organizing language technology and IT related international conferences like OCOCOSDA 2011, CICLING 2014 in Nepal. He was one of the lead volunteers to organize FOSS essential training in 2006 with support from CICC, Singapore on behalf of FOSS Nepal Community.

Avash Mulmi | FOSS Nepal Community

Avash is a strong supporter and enthusiast of Free and Open Source Softwares with 7+ years of involvement and contribution to various Open Source Communities. Currently handling the role of Country Lead and Representative (Volunteer Based) of Mozilla for Nepal he is also an advocate of Open Web and Online Privacy.

He specializes in Linux Networking and System Administration and currently is working as Co Founder/Chief Technology Officer at Libresoft IT Solutions. He likes to experiment with various Linux systems and is also experienced in customizing them according to need. Now working on contributing his experience, skills and expertise to provide Enterprise level support and solutions in Nepal using various Open Source Alternatives.
Email Address: []

Sagar Chhetri | FOSS Nepal Community

Sagar is one of the active founding member of FOSS Nepal Community and a initiator of FOSS Chitwan. He has got 10 years of experience in IT industry in Nepal. He is engaged with Chitwanix OS Community as an Project Manager and currently he works for Gulf Warehousing Company as Medical Record Management Specialist for PHCC.QA.