One day FOSS plus Linux Training

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Housekeeping (basics of FOSS based OS)

  • Application menus (organized according to category like office, games, easy to find apps)
  • File system(nautilus , file browser etc)
  • Internet connection and few preferences
  • Using compiz for doing tasks effectively and efficiently (window management, zoom, multiple desktop)


  • Openoffice suite with unicode (yo unicode sadhai rakhnuparney chhai kina ho, maile bujhekai chhaina)
  • Firefox the great (with inbuilt download manager, thousands of plugins and most secure and fast browsing, downloaded more than 8million on released day)
  • outlook like mail client (thunderbird)
  • pidgin as multi messenger
  • gimp and inkscapes (photoshop and illustrator ko or ma)
  • Gcompris as starter education package


  • Media player (rythmbox or amarok, amarok ma song lyrics, artist info from wikipedia dekhauna sakey jhan cool hunchha) and VLC
  • gnome games (killing time)
  • Elisa like media player
  • imgseek (cool application to find picture in library just by drawing rough sketches)
  • installing thousands of free application through add/remove
  • virtualbox (install another OS inside the native OS
  • celestia (wandering thru galaxy)
  • cube like 1st person shooter for those who says there is no game for linux (yeah take that)

Any other convinent packages can be easily included.