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Thinking in Progress...

The Open Community Collaboration Consortium (OCCC) (OC2C) is/will be and initiative to create the common platform for all the open communities who are working on different activities like open source, open content, open data, open web, open hardware and many other already emerging areas of Open Development and Open Philosophies. Its evolution is to ensure that the positive initiatives of these communities are harmonized and collectively harvested.

The Visions to be thrived for can be:

Hempal Shrestha - My vision to form OC2C is to to enhance the capacity of Nepal as a self reliant nation for its technical needs and innovation.

To Support these activities, we will need to work as a team on various fronts. It will further need to have a more precise detailed roles and responsibilities on every member to be pro-active and synergizing his/her actions. However, the following outlines can initiating some collective formation of common understanding for drafting the guidelines and evolution of the vision and collaborative action for OC2C while in from the development in phase/process itself:

The major objective of the OC2C can be to:-

  1. ) Minimizing the challenges of communication gap taking up in-between various Open communities within and outside Nepal.
  2. ) Act as an collective action oriented caucus to enhance the issue of Open philosophy;

So that it could create a collective voice of all the communities working on Open/free culture.

Some of the step up initiatives of OC2C can be start with may be:-

  1. ) Create and maintain a list of communities working in various domain on areas of Open philosophies.
  2. ) Develop and maintain a knowledge resource of the bank of the documents, relevant information and other facts related to various issues, context, emerging scenarios among others.
  3. ) Host and facilitate various collective community activities on Open Development.
  4. ) Create a knowledge base of the existing communities working in various domains of the Open Development in Nepal
  5. ) Create a connecting space where all can share their work, aspiration and challenges.

While developing the guidelines, we must be aware and able to address the issue that might arise in the pathway of OC2C like :-

  1. ) Lack of proper coordination. Thus, regular interaction/sharing should be hosted and facilitated
  2. ) Synchronization of the views, approach and similarities of objectivity of the OCCC
  3. ) Lack of required patience to sustain the building up of an strong / collective community