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Nirvikalpa Homepage

Contributing to Nirvikalpa

Nirvikalpa is now hosted at github. Want to contribute? ... see how to contribute.

Project Members

Nirvikalpa 2.0

  • Suraj Sapkota (Coordinator and Developer)
  • Aakash Deep Shakya (Artwok)
  • Nitesh Pandey(Contributer)

Nirvikalpa 1.0

Latest news

19th September, 2009 : Nirvikalpa CD 2.0 launched on the occasion of Software Freedom Day 09, at Yala Maya Kendra. It was launched by Hon. Minister Shankar Pokharel, Ministry of Information and Communication - Government of Nepal.

2nd December, 2008 : Prabin Gautam, Project Leader, Nirvikalpa is at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 7th AOSS Workshop. He will be presenting on Nirvikalpa and other migration tools.

20th September, 2008 : Nirvikalpa CD 1.0 launched on the occasion of Software Freedom Day 08, at Yala Maya Kendra. It was launched by Hon. Minister Ganesh Shah, Ministry of Env. Science and Technology.

17th September, 2008 : Development and compilation of Nirvikalpa CD 1.0 beta freezed.

What is Nirvikalpa? Nirvikalpa means having no alternatives.


Initially, named as Vikalpa – Alternative

Development started

In Community Discussion, decided the goal of the project.

Name found not very appropriate

Brainstorm on giving this initiative a new name

Decided the name to be Nirvikalpa. Why?

Why Nirvikalpa?

In context of developing countries like Nepal, FOSS is not an alternative. Its the only way we have...


  1. Making Open Source Softwares in reach of every IT accessible people
  2. Promoting Local FOSS products
  3. Promoting college projects and motivating / attracting students towards Open source Arena
  4. Attracting all sector of people towards Localization

1. Making Open Source Accessible

Current trend is “Buy computer, Softwares are Free”

As a remedy: FOSS Nepal continuously aware people of the truth and provides updated OSS to the general mass through CD/DVD in every programs it conducts.

Nirvikalpa will act as the complete solution for new computer.

2. Promoting Local FOSS products

Apart from FOSS Nepal, various organizations like MPP,OLE Nepal, BVS,etc are working on FOSS projects and developing applications

Still not able to publicize those development

Still not accessible to all

Nirvikalpa gives such projects a platform.

3. Promoting college projects

Motivating towards Open source Arena

Still College projects are being completed for the sake of grades.

Many students seeks for platform to exhibit their innovations

Students are ambassadors of cutting edge technologies

Nirvikalpa not only serves as platform but also motivate them and new ones to join Open Source World

4. Attracting people towards Localization

Localization project is never successful due to the lack of persons from all fields contributing.

One linguist or one translator simply translate the words which may/mayn't deliver the exact meaning.

Case of Nepal

Accessories=अनुप्रयोग but hardly anyone knows meaning of अनुप्रयोग. People wants words to be same as they speak and use daily.

Poll result: Accessories=कार्य>75%

Nirvikalpa aims to localize softwares to as many local languages possible and with involvement / contribution from peoples of all sectors.

Final Goal is Migration.

With all the applications being familiar, migration is the left task.

Most softwares in Nirvikalpa are available by default in almost all distributions of Linux, BSD

The availability of localized softwares increases the users.

Nirvikalpa can be a model. A first step towards migration for all.


Useful pool of applications

Inclusion of Localized with Nepali thesaurus and spell checker.

Inclusion of Unicodify (converts font-Unicode-font)

Inclusion of Unicode based Nepali keyboard layouts


Translating the user interface to Nepali

Collecting new updates and new innovations

Compiling the local Open Source Softwares for windows platform


  • Add iSnake in Games Section.
  • Add a pdf viewer.