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Event: First Mozilla Nepal Meet-Up

Date: 25 August, 2012

Venue: FOSS Nepal Office, Putalisadak


Although it was just an introductory meeting, our main discussion was focused on Localization and other future plans. Everything mentioned in the “Overview of Meeting” was covered. Some other discussions were about creating a separate mailing list, creating a web portal, taking part in upcoming Software Freedom Day etc. Attendees were asked to select their interested Area of Contributions. Localization got the majority, followed by Marketing and Evangelism and Helping Users. So, we decided to work in Localization first. We will focus on other sectors after completing the localization.


  1. An Independent Mailing List will be created
  2. Contributions done by contributors will go by the community name of Mozilla Nepal, with credits to respective contributors.
  3. Some activity in SFD Celebration 2012
  4. Creating a Webportal
  5. Localization will be given first priority.
  6. Will work in collaboration with FOSS Nepal and other communities.


  1. Hempal Shrestha
  2. Prakash Neupane (ASCOL)
  3. Kapil Raj Nakhwa
  4. Julfikar ali Ahmad
  5. Kuber Aaganja
  6. Basanta Shrestha
  7. Subir Pradhanang
  8. Buddhi Raj Tuladhar (Sagarmatha)
  9. Bijay Rai (Kathford)
  10. Parasnath Chaudhary (NCIT)
  11. Nirmal Kahanl (ACEM)
  12. Bansaj Pradhan (ACEM)
  13. Rameshwor Parajuli (Pulchowk)
  14. Sandeep Shrestha (COSMOS)
  15. Anup Khatri (COSMOS)
  16. Prajwal Bhusal (COSMOS)
  17. Bhanu Bhakta Sigdel (Pulchowk)
  18. Avinash Kundaliya
  19. Avash Mulmi
  20. Dadhiram Nepal

A document briefing Mozilla Nepal was distributed during the meeting, for those who were not present and would like to check it,

you can find it here: