SFD2013: Meeting-I 23rd July 2013

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No. of participant: 9 (isn't it gr8 number !!!)

  • Discussed on the modality of program (agreed modality)on SFD:
   -Centralized event
   -Every FOSS community and other Tech groups will have Stalls to showcase
   -Program is divided into
       *Candle Virgil on eve
       *Inauguration program
       *Technical sessions
       *Panel discussion
       *FOSS Socials/ Dinner ???
    The stalls will showcase: Distros, projects, distribute CDs/DVDs, troubleshoot camps, etc.

Formed some teams and allocated present members onto the each team. This is begining and the number of team members may change, added or removed. Depends.

The teams that were formed today are (along with members):

       Avash Mulmi
       Dadhiram Nepal
   Software support/ troubleshoot:
       Basanta Shrestha
   Logistics/ Materials
   Technical sessions/panel:
       Subir Pradhanang
   Social Media:
       Prakash Neupane
       Prabin Gautam
       Pankaj Nepal
       Hempal Shrestha
       Prabin Gautam
       Prabin Gautam
       Avash Mulmi
   College coordination Committee:
       Prakash neupane
   Event Coordination: 
       Prabin Gautam

Pre SFD Events:

    *CAN Softtech 2013 is on first week of september. This will promote SFD event going to held on 21st septmeber
    *College Visits
    *Open Data Workshop will include Open Technologies: 
     Content, Standards and Software This will orient media persons about OT and they will be aware of SFD event

Work that must be done by july 31st:

   Panelists : how many and who?
   Technical sessions: how many and who, how long?
   Meeting with other college FOSS community leaders

Venue finding:

   In August first week

FOSS Nepal Website:

   We planned to discuss about the website here in the mailing list. Prabin is starting a thread for its discussion.