March 13 2011

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FOSS Nepal Office Meeting

  • Date: March 13 2011 (Sunday)
  • Time: 1:00 pm
  • Venue: FOSS Nepal Office, Putlisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal

Agenda Item

  • Linux startup training LIA
  • Migration Project for MoST
  • Consultations with HLCIT
  • Project for Ministry of Health
  • College Followup
  • Office Furnishing
  • Linux training
  • FOSS orientation for Teachers
  • Content for Mahavir dai
  • Promotional Materials
  • Nirvikalpa development

Members Present

  • Sagar
  • Dadhiram
  • Abhishek
  • Hempal


Linux startup training LIA

First Linux startup course started at FOSS Nepal office from March 13, 2011 (Sunday). Sagar took lead in conducting the classes and coordinating the training. The second round of training will be called shortly. Issues related to further design and development of the training to be worked out.

Migration Project for MoST

The project contract is to be signed with MoST and it needs to be completed within three months time period.

Consultations with HLCIT

Hempal to convey following recommendations for possible inclusion in the action plan for Nepali unicode, OCR, Migration and training workshop

Project for Ministry of Health

As this project does not seems to be feasible for FOSS Nepal within the feasible time frame, we find it better to be dropped at the moment.

College Followup

Dadhiram to coordinate for a FOSS orientation program at Peoples Campus. Hempal to follow up with HCOE, and Kathford and Informatics.

Office Furnishing

Buy notice white board

Linux training

Subir to lead the process.

FOSS orientation for Teachers

Dadhiram to coordinate the process.

Linux Content for Mahavir dai

To be patched with the Linux migration training manual for MOST

Promotional Materials

Banner to be designed by Abhishek and printed by Dadhiram.

Nirvikalpa development

To wait for next version of Ubuntu and Fedora for combining it with Nirvikalpa and next version.