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FOSS Nepal Community is a team of volunteers who believe in the usage of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS). The primary objective of the community is to promote, develop and diversify the usage of Free/Open Source Software in Nepal.
  • To raise awareness among general public, government bodies, private sector, civil society, educational institutions and media for expanding the scope of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) via Free and Open Source Software.
  • To sensitize general public, government bodies, civil society and media for the implementation of e-governance by means of FOSS; the optimal solution for e-governance
  • To advocate on alternatives in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) specific to ICT.
  • To enhance the capacity of IT professionals by promoting inclusion of Free and Open Source Software in educational system and providing platform for IT professionals to make them globally salable.
  • To develop, modify and localize Free and Open Source Software to address local software need.


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  • Technomania 2010 - March 5 and 6 in Himalayan White House College, Khumaltar
  • NaSCoIT 2009 - Theme: Open Source - September 12, 2009
  • OpenSoftware Competition - Final on August 8, 2009

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FOSS Nepal Community
P. O. Box 19162
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