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We do have a localization packages like input methods, language pack, keyboard layouts and fonts. But most of them lack coherence and cannot provide user with unified computing experience over different platform. Our fonts do not render correctly and keyboard layouts are not well improvised, moreover we cannot increase our user base if we cannot provide them with standard packages over all distros and help them with problems they face.


We can have unified standard package managed by FOSS Nepal and later our developer base who uses different distros can create native packages for individual distros on respective development schedule and release it within distro. We can also attack other localization problem and solve them accordingly. On upcoming meeting we can discuss this further and work on development of localization team.

Further reference

Please see the localization page at wikipedia. it contains the basic idea, even though we start with simple text only translation we can carry audio, images and other translation. We can also follow translation methodology as described by distribution like ubuntu or fedora. We need to complete and sync gnome translation and kde translation. Once actual translation process starts we can have translate@thon sessions. What we can do is install translation framework like pootle somewhere and start translation. We also need to promote keyboard layout designed by our fellow fossians. And we also need to work on rocking idea by jwalanta to design a unicodify as plugin to openoffice.