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FOSS Nepal Community and Diyaalo Enterprises are organizing LinuxGyan at "FOSS Nepal Research and Training Center" (FRTC) at Brihaspati Vidyasadan. LinuxGyan is a series of one-week training courses on GNU/Linux and Free Software:

  • *nixbies: for beginners containing basic Linux operation and management skill.
  • *nixperts: for learning advanced skills and programming tasks on Linux.
    • Advanced courses on system administration and programming skills will be started at a later time, based on the feedback of participants in the above two courses.

Course Content


  • Overview and installation
  • Internet configuration
  • Package Management
  • File Management and Migration
  • User Management/ Administration
  • Applications overview and alternatives
  • Terminal Basics
  • Expert topics insight


  • Bash scripting/ Regex
  • Advanced Text Editing (Emacs/Vi)
  • Web/DB Server Management
  • Firewall and Security
  • Programming in the UNIX environment
  • Version Control Tools
  • Expert Insight on Kernel/Drivers


  • First *nixbies will be conducted in the week starting February 22, 2009.
  • The tentative date for first *nixperts is the week starting March 1, 2009. The dates for the aptitude test will be declared at a later date.


  • The fee of *nixbies is NRs. 1024.
  • The fee of *nixperts is NRs. 1024+512.


  • Please complete the form at to register yourself for training.
  • You will be contacted at least 2 days before the start of the training course in the email address you enter at the above page.
  • If you have problems registering through the above page, contact us at the address given in Further Information section below.

Further Information



  • info [at]
  • info [at]

College Communities

Poster(s) of LinuxGyan might have already hugged the notice boards at your college/campus/school. If you want a poster for your institute, let us know. You may also contact your local community volunteers or FOSS-Nepal volunteers for more information.


If you use Facebook, please tell your Facebook friends about LinuxGyan. We have created an event there. Here is the link:

Terms and Conditions

  1. For *nixbies, participants will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. For *nixperts, the applicants should either clear an aptitude test or should have already attended the *nixbies course.
  3. Groups (coming from colleges, schools etc) will receive priority over individuals while allocating shifts (morning/evening) and course.
  4. All rights regarding the course content, trainee selection and conduction remain with the organizers. While best efforts will be taken to publish and announce changes, the terms and conditions of the training course can be changed without prior notice.