July 30th, 2008

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Meeting Details

Date: July 30, 2008
Time: 4:30 PM
Venue: FOSS Nepal Office, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu

Members Present

  1. Subir Bd. Pradhanang
  2. Prabin Gautam
  3. Bibek Paudel
  4. Dadhiram Nepal
  5. Akash Deep Shakya
  6. Ganesh Ghimire
  7. Abhishek Singh
  8. Daya Ram Budhathoki
  9. Bibek R. Dhakal
  10. Saroj Gautam
  11. Bupal Sapkota
  12. Suraj Sapkota
  13. Jitendra Harlalka
  14. Rakesh Kumar Gupta
  15. Kulchandra Adhikary


  1. College Coordination Committee Formation
  2. SFD 2008
  3. Event Planning for duration Aug 2008 to Aug 2009


Agenda 1 : College Coordination Committee Formation

Key Reviewers

Subir Bd. Pradhanang
  1. An average of two representative from each college
  2. To establish network among colleges
  3. Form a college coordination committee
  4. Need for orientation
  5. Not only for SFD, must include post SFD scenario as well
  6. Probably involve 3rd and/or 4th year student and focus on continuing the coordination committee by handling on the legacy to new batch/generation
Prabin Gautam
  1. Focus from learning from history
  2. Broader scenario than SFD
  3. Plan for long term and sustainability
Jitendra Harlalka
  1. Problem with IOE examinations, hence must be done before 25th Aug
  2. Follow formal and informal way of communication: post letter to the admin and use our own members who form the network for information dissemination
  3. The coordination at IOE must be done at tight schedule, after the exams there may be holidays. Hence the planning must be done well.

Common Resolution

  • College(s) already requesting for interaction and/or talk programme may readily be involved without much problem.
  • Proposed date: 6th August, Venue: Yala Maya Kendra, Time: 4:00-6:00 PM
  • Topics for Orientation:
S.No. Topic Time Duration Presenter
1. Introduction to FOSS Philosophy 10 min Jitendra Harlalka
2. Introduction to FOSS Nepal Community 10 min Subir Bd. Pradhanang
3. Application Demo & Alternatives 20 min Prabin Gautam
4. Migration to FOSS 15 min Bibek Paudel
5. SFD '08 & Call for Volunteers 15 min Abhishek Singh
6. Group Discussion

    a) College Coordination Committee Formation
    b) Call for Volunteers
    c) Planning for college visit
    d) Q/A
    e) Approach for college visit

  • Network:
    • KU
    • IOE
    • Kathmandu Engineering College : Ujjwal Shrestha
    • Kantipur Engineering College : Akash D. Shakya, Bipin
    • Everest Engineering College : N/A
    • Apex College : Jitendra Harlalka
    • NCIT : Akash D. Shakya
    • Himalaya Engineering College : Bhupal Sapkota
    • COSMOS Engineering College : Subir Pradhanang
    • Kantipur City College : Dadhiram Nepal
    • Nepal Engineering College : Daya Ram Budhathoki
    • ACME : Daya Ram Budhathoki
    • St. Xaviers’ College : Gayatri Amatya
    • Prime College : Sharad Bhusal
    • CAB : Sharad Bhusal
    • NCCS : Sharad Bhusal
    • Khowpa Engineering College : Dadhiram Nepal
    • KIST : Sharad Bhusal/Prabin Gautam
    • KCM : Akash D. Shakya
    • Brihaspati School : Shishir Jha
    • Nobel Academy : Akash D. Shakya
    • Malpi International : Ujjwol (GNUBOi)
    • Himalayan Whitehouse : Dadhiram Nepal
    • Golden Gate Academy : Dadhiram Nepal
    • Kathford College : Akash D. Shakya
    • Advanced Engineering College : Suraj Sapkota

Agenda 2: SFD '08

Common Resolution

  • Finalize letter for sponsorship
  • Wiki is already (wiki for previous SFD can be used)
  • Team formation as previous SFD
  • Form the organization committee
    • One person must be elected as coordinator
  • Not to repeat the shortcomings of previous SFD:
    • Finalization of sponsors at the last moment, even after the SFD
      • Solution: Set a deadline for sponsorship declaration
    • No package for media/contents to be distributed
      • Solution: Create a single package which contains all the media/content to be distributed, ATTN: Artwork/Media Team
  • Decide the theme of SFD 2008:
    • To be discussed in mailing list
    • Probable Themes:
      • FOSS for Education
      • FOSS for Enterprise
  • Finalize Artwork for SFD '08:
    • After theme finalization
    • An open competition can be done to select the artwork-theme
    • Needs formation of an Artwork Team
  • Events:
    • FOSS Solidarity @ Mandala, Maitighar, probably a day before SFD
    • Paper Presentation (Not finalized, need to discuss on mailing list), probably a day before SFD
    • Linux Distro/Application CD/DVD distribution:
      • Ubuntu: ATTN: Ubuntu Nepal Group, can also be directly ordered from Canonical
      • Fedora: ATTN: Abhishek Singh, Get/Order Fedora Kit from Fedora Project (probably 100 DVDs + other materials)
      • Open Suse: ATTN: Apoorva can be contacted
    • Install Fest
    • Application Demo
    • Documentry Show
    • Signature Campaign
    • Knowledge Hunt (needs to be discussed on mailing list)
    • Fossials
    • Framed Artwork related to FOSS
    • Open Graffiti

Agenda 3: Event Planning for duration Aug 2008 to Aug 2009

Unable to discuss due to lack of time. Hence postponed till next meeting.