July 26th, 2007

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Date: 26th July, 2007
Venue: MPP Office, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur


  1. Jwalanta Shrestha
  2. Shishir Jha
  3. Rajiv Shrestha
  4. Subir Pradhananga
  5. Basanta Shrestha
  6. Prasanna Gautam
  7. Ujjwal Shrestha


  1. Install Fest @ Brihapati Vidya Sadan School
  2. FOSS Nepal Registration
  3. Software Freedom Day 2007


Install Fest @ Brihapati Vidya Sadan School

We reached the following conclusions.

  • Date: 28th July, 2007 Saturday
  • Distro: Edubuntu
  • Network Install
  • Members in this meeting who would be joining install fest - Jwalanta, Shishir, Rajiv, Prasanna, Ujjwal
  • Members from MPP wont be able to come as they have a picnic on the same day

FOSS Nepal Registration

Since there was lack of experienced members in this field (the OLPC guys), so we decided to talk about this in next meeting (during next FKK, 3rd August, 2007)

Software Freedom Day 2007

Proposed theme

Linux computing for desktop (anything to add?)

Proposed events

  1. Movies/Documentary shows: Different documentaries on FOSS the whole day
  2. Install-fest: Like we had last time, Linux and other Free OS installation
  3. Demo/Distro demo: Have multiple computers with different distros loaded for the visitors to try out
  4. Socials: Mingling at the end of the day (like we had in the FKK the day before OER Workshop)
  5. CD distribution: CD Distributions of popular distros (either free, or at the price of the CD)