January 3 2009

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FOSS Nepal Team Meeting

January 03, 2009






Dhadhi Ram




Meeting Agenda:

FOSS Essential Training

FOSS InfoMella

CAN InfoTech

Presentation at KIST College

College Coordination Committee

Media Workshop

Fund Generation

FOSS Essential and Enterprise Training

  • Update: Yamamoto is coming on January 07, 2009 and returning on January 08, 2009. Visit of training center, meeting support partner.
  • Training is planned to be on the First week of February, 2009. Preferred date by CICC is 3-4 February (Tuesday & Wednesday) .
  • Lead by Prabin, Subir, Basanta, Hempal, Akash, Dhadhiram, Can Join: Bibek Poudel, Bibek Shrestha, Shankar (Bring in: D2K)
  • To work on: Budget estimate, Curriculum Finalize (By Tuesday), Concept Note, Possible Partner, Prospective Resource person, target audience participant listing, Registration Form.
  • Objective:
  • Target audience.
  • Some more listed topics: Office Suite, Open Planner, GNUCash, Localization, Nepali Wikipedia, ...
  • Program Fee:
    • Institutional Participant- 2000
    • Individual Participant: 1000
    • Students: 500
    • Full Fee Waiver scholarship for 3 Participants ( preference will be given to participants from outside Kathmandu Valley)
    • Partial Fee Waiver scholarship for 3 Participants from Pokhara, Chitwan, Dharan, Biratnagar

FOSS InfoMela

  • The final date for FOSS InfoMela will be on January 31, 2009: Ask Prabin jee (BVS) for other dates. We need to work on this. Funding sources, program format, events, everything... some of these are already discussed so we need to update...
    <<uPdate here>>

CAN InfoTech

  • Dadhiram dai will lead the team.
  • Design and print bruchers, flayres, cds and dvds..etc.
  • Call for volunteers. IOE has holiday so most probably from IOE.
  • Discuss on what we keep at stall.

Presentation at KIST College:

  • Given to College coordination committee. So with lead of one regular member, new members from other college will present.

FOSS Training Center:

  • TOR to be developed for FOSS Training Center
  • Meeting will be called soon at FOSS research and training center.
  • BVS, HeNN and FOSS Nepal Representation will sign the TOR
  • ...

College Coordination Committee

  • Make it effective. How? Still we lack motivating factor... identify soon and make it most active sub team.

Media Workshop

  • HLCIT has not responded since 3 weeks. No – no or yes.... Thus tomorrow, Prabin and Dadhiram Dai will go to HLCIT to wake them up.

Fund Generation:

  • We will provide our account number as well in wiki and facebook so we have funding from within Nepal also.
  • After SLC time will be utilized in training fresh SLC graduates with extensive 2-3 weeks Linux and FOSS training. It will be semi-commercial : ½ awareness and ½ fund generation.
  • Identifying new ways....open way...