Installation of Ubuntu (Ultimate Edition 2.0)

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First insert the Ubuntu (Ubuntu Ultimate) DVD in the tray and reboot your PC. Be sure that you have chosen your DVD drive as first boot device. After rebooting follow the following procedure to install Linux(Ubuntu) into your system.

  1. Choose English
  2. Choose Start or install Ultimate Edition
  3. Wait for a moment, while Linux starts in live-session.
  4. Double click on the install button on the desktop.
  5. In the Install window choose English and then press Forward.
  6. Next choose Kathmandu (Under Asia) in Selected city and Press Forward.
  7. After that again press forward (Recommended). Don't change anything unless you know what you are doing.
  8. Then again press Forward and wait for the partitioner to begin.
  9. After this choose Guided- use the largest continuous free space and press Forward.
  10. In the next window type in your Full Name, Login Name (User-name), Password and the name you want to give to the computer and again press Forward.
  11. Finally verify the settings and press Install.
  12. Enjoy the installation for around half an hour (Depends upon your system resources) with coffee. :)
  13. Finally after the completion of the installation reboot your system and enjoy the Linux.
  14. Welcome to the new world, where there are no wall, no viruses and no gates.
  15. If you face any problem during/after installation or need any help, join our googlegroup and contact us there.

Page created by: Suraj Sapkota

--Suraj 13:53, 25 January 2009 (CST)