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Please input your ideas for possible future FOSS activities in Nepal which would go a long way in helping the FOSS movement in Nepal. This page would act like a brainstorming session. It could be any weird idea... just don't hesitate to pour in:

  • FOSS programming competition (or, FOSS Hacking competition, FHC)
 - Nation-wide programming competition focusing on open-source programming language implementation of              
   competition idea.
 - Conducted on yearly basis.
 - Encourages student to competitive environment 
 - Brings awareness of FOSS and the technology it provides (i.e., improve their skills on top brings to  
   them the idea that mere restricting to proprietary language is not going to work in practical world).
  • FOSS Hackathon
 - Bipin can take lead on this one. More like a club where people compete to fix things up.
 - For details look at http://groups.google.com/group/foss-nepal/msg/d40e72b158c32134 and 

  • Wikifest
 - 17th Nov, at Prime College (most probably)
 - Gather people like: University faculties and academicians, librarians, students, journalists and other enthusiasts
 - Wikipedia, an introduction
 - Wiki walk-through
 - How to write/edit in any MediaWiki software
 - Assist people in learning to contribute to the wikipedia
 - For details, please check out our new google group - http://groups.google.com/group/nepaliwiki
  • Nepal Source
  • Add on
  • ...