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Foss For Education in SFD

We were 5 volunteers allocated for the LTSP terminal in SFD representing the FOSS For Education. We had one Lenevo ThinkCentre as server and 3 MSI Wind PC as think clients. The main attraction for the event were APF, Schooltool and KOHA. Also, we had over 100 educational application on the display for the visitors.

APF(Azim Premji Foundation) Contents are very interactive way of learning for students. SchoolTool is an open source, web based student information system designed for schools in the developing world, with strong support for translation, localization and automated deployment and updates via the Ubuntu Linux installer and package management system. Koha is the most advanced open-source Integrated Library System in use today by hundreds of libraries worldwide.

We had many interested visitors in our stall. Many of them were interested to install these software on their machine. We had about 5 minutes interaction with the visitors discussing about the importance of FOSS for education. They were amazed to know how the FOSS can change the traditional way of teaching methods practiced in our educational system.

Also, we received invitation from different students to train them on LTSP system. They wanted to build LTSP system in their College so, they needed help from our team. Also, many visitors were interested to know the price of the machine that we had deployed due to their size and performance. We gave some hands on training to the visitor on using Schooltool and Koha.