February 27 2011

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  • Date: February 27, 2011, Sunday
  • Time: 11:00 AM
  • Venue: FOSS Nepal Office, Putalisadak


  • Hempal Shrestha
  • Dadhiram Nepal
  • Abhishek Singh


  • Office Furnishing
  • Linux Training
  • College Contacts
  • Promotional Materials
  • Migration (MoST)
  • FOSS Nepal Activation
  • FOSS Contacts


Office Furnishing

  • Carpet has been laid out in the office.
  • Cushion has been bought.
  • Notice board to be fixed in a few days.
  • Need to think about the rent (are we moving to another building??)

Linux Training

  • No update on the concept paper.
  • Subir to work out on the concept paper and budget.

College Contacts

  • Himalayan College of Engineering has postponed the event.
  • Dadhiram will cover on with Informatics college.
  • Hempal will follow up with LBEF campus.
  • Abhishek will follow up with the report and photographs of the event at St. Xavier's college.

Promotional Materials

  • 100 CDs sent to Dharan by Dadhiram.
  • 80 CDs developed and sent to Himalayan College or Engineering.
  • Need to develop 50 CDs each for Nirvikalpa and Ubuntu (will wait till the new version is released). Also a few CDs for Fedora as well.


  • No update from the ministry.
  • The delay will effect the schedule and will add more burden.

FOSS Nepal Activation

  • Abhishek to email about Rajneesh Bhandari's effort on preparing a write up on FOSS for Nepalese Media.
  • Abhishek to put meeting updates in the Wiki.
  • Follow up with Prabin Gautam about website updates.

FOSS Contacts

  • Need to work on the initiative taken by CA Member Gagan Thapa on prioritizing FOSS at the policy and national budget level.
  • No updates from Simon Parrish (Open Aid initiative).
  • StartupWeekend: it's still to materialized
  • David (regarding phonetic pronunciation & symbol): Act as a communication channel for him and introduce him to the person/group (might be Laxmi jee and LTK) interested in his work.