February 20 2011

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  • Date: February 21, 2011
  • Time: 12:15 pm
  • Venue: FOSS Nepal's Office, Putalisadak, Kathmandu


  • Hempal Shrestha
  • Dadhiram Nepal
  • Abhishek Singh


  • Office furnishing
  • Linux Training
  • College Contacts
  • FOSS Nepal Activation
  • Migration (MoST)


Office Furnishing

  • Cover the floor with a normal plush or rug carpet (if possible with a foam as a insulator at the bottom).
  • Put 1 dozen of cushion/mats.
  • Other furnishing to be delayed until we have funds.
  • Talk with Subisu/WorldLink for the internet.

Linux Training

  • Discussion of the event as a normal training or as a workshop. Need to clarify this in the concept document.
  • Budget allocation according to the type of event.
  • Current budget allocation (as developed and rectified in yesterday's meeting) adheres to a normal training type.
  • Subir to work on the concept and other details, budget to be aligned accordingly.
  • Need to prepare a proposal for the event so as to approach prospective donors.

College Contacts

  • Need to prepare a schedule of college visits.
  • Upcoming events at Himalayan College of Engineering, Kathford College, LBEF. Need to follow up with them.
  • Follow up on about the event at St. Xaviers college.
  • Have meetings with the college students/groups/communities to establish frequent communication and to energize the FOSS movement in their institution.

FOSS Nepal Activation

  • Push contribtions on wiki.
  • Update the website.
  • Plan regular meetings possibly at our own office.
  • Organize frequent events to keep up the momentum.
  • Develop promotional materials (e.g. Flex banner, flyers, CD/DVD) so as to be ready to support any event (p.s.: we were not able to support the St. Xaviers college with materials).

Migration (MoST)

  • Dadhiram jee to get the update and report at the next meeting.


  • Proposed Next Meeting: On 27 February 2011 at FOSS Nepal's Office (time TBD)
  • Possible agenda for the next meeting: a) Updates on Migration (MoST) b) Follow up with college groups/communities c) Concept paper and budgeting for the Linux training to be finalized d) Website updates (p.s. Prabin Gautam is involved with updating our websites)