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Kantipur FM 96.1 has allocated 10 minutes time slot for FOSS Nepal in CyberTime which airs every Saturday 8:30-9:00am. The content for the FOSS time slot is provided by the FOSS Nepal Community. The program focuses FOSS News, information and articles on FOSS, and sometimes even interviews with FOSS related personals. FOSS queries sent in by audiences are also answered.

We discuss about those programs, update about earlier program and propose materials for upcoming programms here.

The articles aired in this program can also be found at

Future Program Planning

Date Content
September 22nd, 2007

Past Programs

Pr # Date Content Audio
-- January 5th 2008 SFD07 award-winning interview with Subir Pradhanang
20 September 15th 2007 SFD 07 Coverage, Interview with Shankar Pokharel
19 September 8th 2007 FOSS News
18 September 1st 2007 FOSS News
17 August 25th 2007 FOSS News, इन्टरनेटको इतिहास
16 August 18th 2007 FOSS News, ओ एल पि सि
15 August 11th 2007 FOSS News, विकिपेडिया
14 August 4th 2007 FOSS News, लिनक्स किन प्रयोग गर्ने?
13 July 28th 2007 FOSS News
12 July 21st 2007 FOSS News
11 July 14th 2007 FOSS News
10 July 7th 2007 FOSS News
9 June 30th 2007 FOSS News, Interview with Mr. Ganesh Ghimire on Sambad
8 June 23rd 2007 FOSS News, Interview with Mr. Bal Krishna Bal on NepaLinux 2.0
7 June 16th 2007 FOSS News, Interview with Mr. Sagun Dhakhwa on Sixyadaan
6 June 2nd 2007 FOSS News, Interview with Mr. Indiver Badal on Nepali Wikipedia
5 May 26th 2007 FOSS News, Interview with Dr. David Wiley MP3 ()
4 May 19th 2007 FOSS News, Interview with Mr. Prasanna Gautam and Mr. Ujjwal Shrestha on FOSS in Microsoft Windows MP3 (9.9 MB)
3 May 12th 2007 FOSS News, लिनक्सका बारेमा केही सत्य, अर्धसत्य र असत्य धारणाहरू MP3 (4.3 MB), OGG (6.7 MB)
2 May 5th 2007 Interview with Mr. Hempal Shrestha on FOSS in Nepal
1 April 27th 2007 Interview with Mr. Ankur Sharma on What is FOSS?