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Documentation Team covers the documentation of the entire SFD Celebration event and other activities. It will also maintain the wiki and other webplatform of the FOSS Community. This team will finally deliver the SFD program report to be shared with the Nepalese community and worldwide audiance.

Team Members:-


  Below are all the updates of different teams.

Event Coordination Team Updates
Team Members:- Following members are here forming the team to work out together.

  1. Prakash Neupane
  2. Dahiram Nepal
  3. Rajeev Khadka
  4. Suraj Bhusal
  5. Krishna Bhattarai
  6. Sabin Maharjan
  7. Santosh Raj Dhungana
  8. Sujita Khadgi
  9. Dipesh Shrestha

Finance Team Updates
1.Team Members:-

  1. Hempal Shrestha { Email hempalshrestha {AT} gmail {DOT} com} , 9851077031}
  2. Prasanna K.C. { Email kc_prasanna1991 {AT} yahoo {DOT} com} , 9841054238 }
  3. Roshan Kumar Thapa { Email trosan29 {AT} gmail {DOT} com} , 9849287432 }
  4. Ram Kumar Mandal { rk12_mandal {AT} hotmail {DOT} com 9808284491
  5. Krishna Pd. Adhikari { kp.adhikari4 {AT} gmail {DOT} com 9813300381 }
  6. Amex Basnet amex_rajan18 {AT} yahoo {DOT}com
  7. Thaman Thapa
  8. Prasanna k.c.
  9. Roshan kumar Thapa
  10. Raj Jha

2.List of Activites
3.List of Perspective Contributors/ Sponsors / Sponsors List
4.Report and Update For detail,[click]

College Coordination Team Updates
1.Team Members

  1. Prakash Neupane { Email nprkshn {AT} gmail {DOT} com} , 9849083301}
  2. Amar Bhattarai
  3. Chhabi lal Neupane
  4. Suraj Bhusal
  5. Rajan Kandel
  6. Rabindra Neupane
  7. Rajeev khadka

2.List of Activites

  1. Proposal for College

For detail [click]

FOSSials Updates
Team members

  Will be updated soon...

Activities Proposed:-

  1. Musical Chair
  2. Mr. and Ms. SFD
  3. DJ Party

For detail [click]

Webcast and Internet Team Updates
1.Team Members

  1. Peter Chaudhary
  2. Anish Shrestha
  3. Dipesh Acharya
  4. Bhaskar K.C


  • Reach different ISPs for Internet
  • Test different live streaming options

For Detail [click]

ISO Team Updates
1.Team members

  1. Anita Sharma
  2. Pawan Sharma
  3. Paras Nath Chaudhary
  4. Ravi
  5. Santosh
  6. Mohan Sijapati
  7. Suman Upreti
  8. Abhishek Shakya
  9. Prakash Bista
  10. Ashish Shrestha
  11. Ashok Adhikari
  12. Dinesh Sharma
  13. Diya Laxmi Joshi
  14. Krishna Bhattarai
  15. Sabin maharjan
  16. Santosh raj Dhungana
  17. Sudarshan Khanal

2.Nirvikalpa 3.Distros 4.Lists of Application

and many more 

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Artwork Team Updates
1.Team Members

  1. Raj Kumar Shrestha
  2. Akriti Bhusal
  3. Safalta Shrestha
  4. Subash Acharya
  5. Pritam Rasaili
  6. Ashok Adhikari
  7. Bishwo Raj Baral
  8. Dinesh Sharma
  9. Diya Laxmi Joshi
  10. Sabin Maharjan
  11. Sudharsan Khanal
  12. Sujita Khadgi

2.Developing Design Prototypes

  1. Flex Banners
  2. CD/DVD Covers for Nirvikalpa and Developers Ubuntu
  3. UI design for Nirvikalpa
  4. Posters/Pamphlets/Flyers
  5. Stickers
  6. T-Shirt
  7. Wallpapers
  8. Volunteer Cards
  9. Attractive profile pictures about SFD 2012 for Facebook, Twitter or Google+ like I am celebrating SFD 2012, I am presenting at SFD 2012 etc..
and many more.. 

3.Design Tools

  1. GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
  2. Inkscape

4.File Format

   The use of Portable Network Graphics (*.png) for raster images and Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg or *.svgz) for vector images is encouraged. The major design elements needs to be vector. Focus is given of lossless file formats (e.g JPEG vs. PNG, where JPEG is a lossy format and PNG is not).

Art Work Activities Various artwork activities are updated . For detail[click]

Media Team Updates
Team members

  1. Sakar Pudasaini
  2. Hempal Shrestha
  3. Prakash Neupane

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