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FOSS Nepal Community has been in existence for several years but it always lacked a proper website where:

  • The community could show it's existence.
  • The community could demonstrate the power of Free and Open source software.
  • The community could discuss about it's events and meetings.

So, it's time for a Change and this is Change-13.

The current work in progress can be seen at FOSS Nepal@heroku and the source can be found at FOSS Nepal@github.

The Easy Work

These are works that can be done with less effort and in shorter time frame.

  1. Find out proper wesbite layout/template.
  2. Identify website contents that makes it completely different from the wiki.
  3. Identify the pages along with thier titles and description.
  4. Get informations on twitter, facebooks and other social links.
  5. Hosting the website in the proper domain.

These works needs to be accomplished in the slotted time frame.

The Time

  • August 23-24: Search for a proper website layout that can easily be adapted according to differnet events like SF Days and normal days.
  • August 25: Website goes live with the layout in place. Community members put their opinions regarding the layout.
  • August 26-27: The contents to be added in the website are identified along with the page, keeping in mind the layout. This FOSS Nepal Website Static Content wiki page will also work as a place where, all the content to be added in each section/menu/sub-menu of the website are being HARVESTED (collected/filtered and finalized) for developing the main website.
  • August 28: The social links are added.
  • August 29-30: Contents and social links get added to the website.
  • August 31: Suggestions are incorporated.
  • September 1: The domains and hosting are cleared up.
  • September 2: Website is hosted.

After the website gets hosted with static contents. It is time to make it powerful.


  1. Info architecture
  2. Contents
  3. Design (seems like we have a proposal and we can go with it)
  4. Development
  5. Fill in contents
  6. Maintain

Info Architecture

  1. Activities of FOSS NEPAL
  2. Education on FOSS (issues like what is foss, how to foss, where to foss and so on)
  3. Software Collection Listing (Nirvikalpa or similar)
  4. Listing of Nepali FOSS Initiatives and Projects
  5. News
  6. Events
  7. Trainings
  8. Programs
  9. Volunteer / Get Involved
  10. a knowledge base of Nepali FOSS for users and developers (like stackoverflow) or forum
  11. IRC
  12. WIKI

The Difficult Work

These are just ideas and gets added over time

  1. RSS feeds
  2. Newsletters
  3. Blogs
  4. User rights to manage events and meetings.

The History of Website Renovation

Here are some of the histories, where we attempted to revive the FOSS Nepal Website.