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"FOSS Essentials Training - FOSS Alternative for Enterprise Solutions"

Date: February 3rd-4th, 2009

Venue: FOSS Training & Research Center, Brihaspati VidyaSadan, Kathmandu, Nepal.

1. Introduction

Free and Open Source Software, also F/OSS, FOSS, or FLOSS (for Free/Libre/Open Source Software) is software which is liberally licensed to grant the right of users to study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code. (Source: Wikipedia).

FOSS Nepal Community is a team of volunteers who believe in the usage of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS). The primary objective of the community is to promote and diversify the usage of Free/Open Source Software in Nepal.

   * To raise awareness among general public, government bodies, private sector, civil society, educational institutions and media for expanding the scope of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) via Free and Open Source Software
   * To sensitize general public, government bodies, civil society and media for the implementation of e-governance by means of FOSS; the optimal solution for e-governance
   * Advocacy for alternatives in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) specific to ICT
   * To enhance the capacity of IT professionals by promoting inclusion of Free and Open Source Software in educational system and providing platform for IT professionals to make them globally salable

About the Training

FOSS Nepal Community is glad to present you the FOSS Essentials Training, 2009, Kathmandu. The Essentials Training will focus on Free and Open Source Solutions for Enterprise. We will select 24 participants from universities, private, government, non-government sectors.

FOSS Essentials Training is being jointly organized by FOSS Nepal Community and Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) Singapore and supported by High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT). We would like to request you to assist us in making the event a success.

From our past learnings, we have learned that enterprises are the organizational units which pioneers technologies. They create demand for skilled human resources in these tools and technologies. Thus, the second FOSS Essential training is focused to cater this need of the enterprises. This training aims to achieve the catalytic change in perception of the enterprises about the FOSS.

The Training will focus on FOSS alternatives for Enterprises.

Training Outline

Training Methodology

The training will consist of lectures from experts, live practical sessions in laboratories, group discussions and projects. Our approach will be an informal training rather than a formal one. The trainees will get chance to interact with other participants and the trainers to a great extent from our informal lab sessions and group discussions.

Target Participants

The targetted audience are students, individuals, trainers, professionals, free lancers, government and non government sectors,SMEs etc.



Organized by

FOSS Nepal Community

Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC), Singapore

Supporting Partners

High Level Commission for IT (HLCIT)

Brihaspati Vidya Sadan

Help Nepal Network Network

Contact Details

Basanta Shrestha (9841255586)

Prabin Gautam (9841259001)

Subir Pradhanang (9841268738)

Dadhiram Nepal (9841365906)