CAN SoftTech2013 - 4-7 September 2013

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Volunteers name:

  1. Aadesh Neupane
  2. Avash Mulmi
  3. Manish Dangol
  4. Hempal Shrestha
  5. Prabin Gautam
  6. Shristi Baral
  7. Dadhiram Nepal
  8. Ashish Belwase
  9. Nijel Shrestha
  10. Prakash Neupane
  11. Monil Adhikari
  12. Manish Pandey
  13. Karma jay Thakur
  14. Amarendra Kaudagiya Yadav
  15. Buddhi Raj Tuladhar
  16. Sunil Das Shrestha

The above names are those members who were actually volunteering for hours. There were other FOSSians who visited our stalls and provided their helping hand during their presence. Thank you all.

The main motive of the participation was to aware people of FOSS and invite them to FOSS Nepal's Software Freedom day Event at Pragya Prathisthan, Kamaladi. Our stall was very busy, 4-7 volunteers seems to have counselling the visitors all the time. CAN, CIB and other corporate houses had visited our stall time and again and were praising our good effort. They could see freedom driving more crowd than money. The photos has been uploaded to FOSS Nepal's Official FaceBook Page:

We had Obuntu , Linux mint 32 bit and 64 bit distros, and Nirvikalpa at our stall. We were giving away the softwares for free (at cost of media Rs. 30 each). Nirvikalpa was a biggest hit and we sold more than 200 copies in 2 and half day. On third day we ran out of Nirvikalpa DVDs. Obuntu and Linux Mint Distros were equally hit. We sold around 350 DVDs of Linux Distros. The people were either being attracted by the availability of alternative OS for free, win virus free OS or by the liberation from monopoly and piracy.

I am quite happy to announce that we raised Rs.10,825 (after deducting volunteers lunch). This money will be deposited to FOSS Nepal's Bank/Ac and will be used for SFD preparation as initial budget.