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FOSS Nepal releases BSOD: a relaxing platform

Event Listing

1st BSOD 24/08/2013

2nd BSOD

Event Initiaters:

  • Prabin Gautam
  • Avash Mulmi
  • Rhoitman Amatya
  • Prakash Neupane
  • Dadhiram Nepal
  • Surit Aryal

So what is BSOD platform?

Well, as you know, BSOD is the worst nightmare of a Microshit Winblows users. But for us FOSSians, it is the time to cherish and party(sarcasm intended). Ours BSOD does not stand for Blue Screen Of Death neither does it stand for Black Screen of Death. It is not even a technical project/prgram at all! As mentioned earlier, it is a time for celebration & party!!!!It may stand for one of the followings (Not Decided Yet):

  • Buy Self/Own Drinks
  • Beer Snacks & Off-Day
  • Bring Some Open Donations (a box of tea bags, sugar, notebooks, pens, cash, anything you want for betterment of the community)
                               ****And don't forget Beers Everywhere!!!!!****

Why FOSS Nepal is adopting BSOD platform?

We have lots of FOSS Communities and FOSS enthusiast around us. So in order to have a networking and some sort of Celebration + Relaxation after a month of work, FOSS Nepal is adopting BSOD platform.

What do we do during BSOD Event?

It will be a completely informal event. No formality/preparation needed. We plan to spend some time celebrating with other FOSSians of the community. We basically get to know each other, we share our experience, we party, we have fun, we relax, we joke and we work.

                               ****And remember No Laptops!!!!!****

When will it be organized?

First BSOD, will be organized on Saturday, 24th August, 15:00 hrs. After that, FOSS Nepal will try to organize it on last Saturday of each month. TBD on First BSOD.

What else will we have on BSOD?

This event also includes "Bring Some Open Donation" campaign for FOSS Nepal Community. The event will also have one piggybank. Participants can donate any sum of money (as much as they want) to our FOSS Nepal Community.

Who are invited?

So, doesn't BSOD Sound awesOme Dude?? As mentioned earlier too, it is an open event, so anyone can participate, provided they BSOD #1 (Buy Self/Own Drink).