August 22nd 2008

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Meeting Details

Date: August 22, 2008
Time: 4:00 PM
Venue: FOSS Nepal Office, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu


Please add your name(s) here:

  • Shankar
  • Narayan Sundar Sonepa [KU]
  • Tushar Neupaney [Dharan]
  • Hempal Shrestha


  1. Recent Activities
  2. SFD 08
    1. Team Updates
    2. Finalizing the theme
    3. Events
    4. Teams Deployment
    5. Volunteers Deployment
    6. Media/PR and Community Communication jobs TODO
  3. Other Agenda

Wrap Up of Recent Activities

Briefing of previous meetings, progress and events:

  • Formation of College Coordination Committee
  • Orientation Program at Kantipur City College (KCC) on 21st August.
  • Formation of FOSS Nepal Chapter in KCC; revamp of communities in other institutes.

Team Updates

Teams formed for SFD updated their recent activities, the progress made so far and upcoming activities.


  • Letters of Sponsorship Request have been dispatched to various organizations, institutes and such like.
  • A Follow up at all such points of interest is required.
  • More individuals need to be mobilized to work for the Finance Team.
  • Budget for SFD 08 needs to finalized soon. For that purpose, the events need to be decided first.


It was reiterated that documentation was one of the principal factors of SFD 07's success. Referral to the documents from previous year's event was suggested. See "Other Issues" for more.


By the time next meeting is held, t-shirt design will be finalized. Work on poster design, flyers, etc will be updated in the next meeting. See "Other Issues" for more.

Media and PR

  • Media Houses need to be contacted.
  • By distributing t-shirts in TV shows like "Call Kantipur", SFD can be promoted.
  • By collaborating with some organizations, hoarding board could be placed at some strategic places like Maitighar.
  • Posters, flyers, pamphlets and other promotional material need to be put at display at college notice boards and other places of interest.
  • The team needs to collaborate with Ekta Silwal and Mr. Kedar Sharma to improve FOSS Nepal's media relations.
  • Tirtha Koirala, the news editor of KTV could be contacted to discuss on the media coverage for SFD.
  • Jwalanta Shresha is now a member of this team.


Two theme subjects were finalized in the previous meetings. The meeting witnessed intense discussion on this issue.

Freedom in Creation

Writers, poets, musicians, photographers, artists at local level in Nepal mostly have to limit their creation within the pages of their diaries and they can reach an audience consisting of their acquaintances only. The use of Free softwares and tools has made eased the tasks of creating, collaborating and sharing. Most people who "create" still haven't been able to harness the real power of such tools, the internet and technologies like web 2.0. SFD 08 could be used to raise awareness about the freedom to create and to provide a method/platform for such people. A web portal can be launched where people can collaborate on and share content.

FOSS in education

SFD could be used to help students with free softwares. Many tools essential for students (mainly university students) can be packaged in a customized distro that can then be distributed. Examples include Engineering applications, utilities, etc. In addition, the use of proprietary softwares in the school curriculum of Nepal should be discouraged. An advocacy campaign to make the government aware of such problems and the necessity to revise the curriculum is viable.

Creation and Education Together

  • The meeting decided that creation and education are closely related issues and a SFD could revolve around both of these topics. Therefore, the theme of this SFD will be about the freedom in creation, with a special attention to the needs of university students.
  • A slogan/catch-phrase couldn't be coined in the meeting.

Suggestions for such catch-phrases prominently included words like "prasfutan" (प्रस्फुटन), "freedom", "knowledge", "creation", "sharing."

  • A proper catch phrase that includes these words would be selected by discussing in the mailing list.


Events Charts will be prepared by Ankur Sharma by the time the next meeting is held.


Some FOSS Nepal volunteers have done some background study on the prospects of producing and screening a documentary. Mr. Bheshraj Koirala, a professional documentary director has agreed to volunteer for the cause. The meeting formed a team to work further. Members include:

  • Ankur Sharma
  • Bibek Paudel
  • Jwalanta Shrestha
  • Shankar Pokharel
  • Shrijana Shrestha

(If anyone else is interested, please post a message to the mailing list or someone from the team mentioned above)

Costs towards the jobs like editing, post production, camera work, instruments etc. will have to be borne by FOSS Nepal. The Finance Team was asked to allocate the budget for this work.

Web Portal

As mentioned above, a web portal to facilitate the "creation" of local talents will be launched during this SFD. The main requirements of this task is web hosting.


A rally will be organized on the day or a day prior to SFD.

Candle Light Vigil

A Candle Light Vigil will be done at Maitighar on 19th of September.

Free or Freeze

  • The concept is show that if you aren't free, you are frozen. The shackles of proprietary softwares have literally frozen people, organizations and governments.
  • In this event, a group of people stay still at some public place for a certain period of time to make people aware of some cause.
  • The "freezing" will be done during the rally.
  • Where (location) and how long (duration) to freeze couldn't be decided by the meeting. Similarly, whether or not to block the vehicular traffic during the event was also not decided. These issues will be finalized after discussing in the mailing list.


A FOSS Nepal newsletter (e copy and/or printed copy) will be released on SFD. Jwalanta Shrestha and Bibek Paudel will do further work on the collection, selection of write ups/articles for the newsletter.

Individual Themes

Different College communities have proposed their ideas of events and themes for SFD. In the last meeting, volunteers from NCIT proposed that they will demonstrate Pendrive GNU/Linux. Such events will definitely be a boost to SFD celebration. Groups of volunteers and college communities will present their work of interest during SFD.

Involving the Nepalese Scientific Community

Scientific Community of Nepal comprising of individuals from different fields make heavy use of proprietary tools and standards. A brief and productive program could be organized to aware them of the advantages of Free Softwares and standards. They could be briefed about tools like LATEX too. Special attention to make sure such program actually meets the expectations and demands of the prospective attendees is required. Prior discussion with the concerned people will make the event useful.

Press Conference

A Press Conference and Press Release will be handled by the Media/PR team before SFD.

Programs outside the Kathmandu valley

In the true spirit of decentralization and keeping in view the increasing interest outside the Kathmandu valley for FOSS, this SFD will see celebrations at places other than Kathmandu, like Pokhara, Bharatpur (Chitwan), and Dharan (Sunsari), to start with. Mr Tushar Neupaney, from Dharan FOSS Community was present in today's meeting. The following volunteers will help coordinate the events outside Kahtmandu valley:

  • Ankur Sharma
  • Jwalanta Shrestha
  • Shankar Pokharel
  • Tushar Neupaney (for Dharan, Mo: 9842039493)

(If anyone outside the Kathmandu valley is interested in these events, please post a message to the mailing list or contact one the above)

Attendees of the meeting stressed on the need for active and veteran volunteers of FOSS Nepal to be physically present for the events in Kathmandu on 20th September.

Other Issues

CAN Lumbini Expo

CAN Lumbini Expo is scheduled for this Friday (29th August) and a volunteer from FOSS Nepal is expected to be accompany the CAN members to Lumbini for the event. Since noone among those present in the meeting were available, a call will be made in the mailing list.

Donation Methods

Use of Paypal accounts, registering FOSS Nepal as a 501(c)(3) non-profit (in the US) etc were discussed in the meeting. No decision was made.

Use of Social Networks

For the purpose of SFD and other FOSS Nepal events/causes, volunteers need to utilize the social networking tools, blogs etc. This could be done by displaying buttons/banners/other artwork in the profile pages, display pictures etc. Use of twitter and Facebook to relay updates and reach a wide audience will be handled by the Documentation team. Preparation of buttons for use in web pages and social networks will be done by the Artwork team.

Next Meeting

Next meeting is scheduled for: at the same place. Please fill the date and time here. Shooonya 12:06, 23 August 2008 (CDT)

Before next meeting, some tasks mentioned above will be finalized and team will report their progress during the meeting.