April 6th, 2007

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Date: 6th April, 2007
Venue: KEC Canteen, Kalimati, Kathmandu


  1. Subir Pradhanang
  2. Hempal Shrestha
  3. Shankar Pokharel
  4. Ankur Sharma
  5. Sagun Dhakhwa
  6. DadhiRam Nepal
  7. Ujwal Shrestha
  8. Amit Aryal
  9. Bhaskar Rimal
  10. Shishir Jha
  11. Prassana Gautam
  12. Rajiv Shrestha


  1. Registration of FOSS Nepal Community
  2. Constitution
  3. Executive Body
  4. Future Events: Install Fest


Registration of FOSS Nepal Community

There was discussion on what could be the best model for registration of FOSS Nepal Community. Two of the options that were put forward was registering FOSS Nepal Community as Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) or Community Based Organisation (BPO). Speakers suggested that in case of BPO, it will be difficult to form a core responsible body who will take forward the activities of the FOSS Nepal. Instead a better option would be to register FOSS as an NGO and carry out activities as a community based organisation.

Decision: TO register FOSS Nepal Community as an NGO, and do necessary preparations [a list of TODOs] for the same.


a. Draft of a constituion
b. Formation of Exceutive Body


A very superficial discussion related to Constitution was done, on how to prepare a draft and start a discussion on the draft in the community.

Hempal made the speakers aware of the new regulations of the Government of Nepal regarding the registration of the new NGO. The most important changes that is related to registration, according to him, was that according to new regulations a minimum of 9 member executive body has to be formed, 61% of the executive members needs to be present in the general board meeting. He also suggested that there is a need to include there points in the constitution as well as to register the community.

Second phase of the discussion on constitution was focused on technical issues on how to prepare the constitution. It was decided unanimously that a constitution team will be formed depending upon seniority, experience and expertise in the related field. The team will draft a first draft on which other community members will be allowed to discuss and comment on the draft. Discussion time will be pre-alloted and final discussion will take place in a meeting and meeting will solve the disputes and differences in the constitution, if any. Finally the constitution team will draft the final version ammending the points decided by the final meeting.

Decision: A constitution team was formed comprising the following members:
a. Hempal
b. Subir
c. Dadi Ram
d. Shankar
e. Ankur

The team has been instructed to form a draft constitution in "Nepali" by Tuesday, 10th April 2007 and upload the draft to wiki.fossnepal.org. The constituion will not be editable and discussions will start in the general mailing list thread at foss-nepal@googlegroups.com. A reminder about the last date of dicussion will be mailed to all the mailing list subscribers in every 2 days. A discussion will end in 2 weeks time which will conclude in the final meeting which will address all disputes and differences.

Executive Body

The team discussed on the process formation of the executive body and it was pointed that a minimum of 9 membered body has to be formed. For the executive body, speakers suggested that nominations from the mailing list members should to be called in order to form the body. Also the provisions of the members will be proposed and discussed during constitution making process.

Decision: The meeting decided that the formation of executive body and nomination for the executive members should come from the floor and nominations will be called in a new thread in the mailing list discussion.

Future Events: Install Fest

There was a general discussion on events and especially Install Fest and FOSS KA KURA (FKK) in the third phase of the meeting.

A new Style of FKK was proposed by Sagun, Hempal and Ankur. According to them the FKK should be divided into 4 segments which will deal with following segments: Orienation of FOSS for new audience, FOSS news, Presentation and open space discussion.

For the Install Fest, speakers discussed on the action plans for organising install fest in different colleges. A five member team has been proposed which will comprise of Ashay, Bhaskar, Prassana, DayaRam and Subir. This team will be responsible for the following activities:

a. Collaborate with differnt colleges for the event
b. Arrange necessary resources which will be necessary prior to Install fest,e.g. working on hardwares, and solving problems, searching and getting acquainted with necessary books, documenations and manuals etc.
c. Media HIt for promotion of Install Fest as well as FOSS Nepal Community
d. Documenting all the activiy which will be necessary to catch attention of media and others

Apart from events one of the most important issuses that Hempal put forward and everybody agreed was the documentation. Everyone agreed that documentation was the crucial part of any activity and it was our weakest point. The speakers agreed that a small token of appreciation for documenting person would be a good incentive if not monitary renumeration could be done.


a. New model of FKK will be done from the coming FKK.
b. A new Install Fest Team is formed which will carry out the Fest following the above discussion.
c. Documentation will be focused in the future programs and events.