April 29th, 2007

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Date: 29th April, 2007
Venue: Yala Maya Kendra Lawn, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur


  1. Subir Pradhanang
  2. Ankur Sharma
  3. Sagun Dhakhwa
  4. Jwalanta Shrestha
  5. Himali Kiran
  6. Shishir Jha
  7. Daya Ram Budhathoki
  8. Rajendra Banjade


  1. Radio Program in Kantipur FM 96.1MHz
  2. CAN SofTech space in MPP stall for FOSS Community
  3. FOSS Newsletter
  4. Freedom Toaster
  5. Software Freedom Day Preparation


Radio Program in Kantipur FM 96.1MHz & Newsletter

On today's meeting, the community was briefed about the first Radio Program which was broad casted on Saturday, 28th April,2007. It was an interview given by Ankur Sharma. Kantipur FM has promised us a time slot of 10 minutes in their weekly program on Science and Tecnology.

Sagun briefed the meeting about the concept of FOSS Newsletter in Nepali. It will be a A4 sized newsletter to begin with containing the articles in Nepali.

Decision: Jwalanta has been appointed as the FOSS Radio Program coordinator and he will be responsible for managing the materials for the Radio Program as well as the FOSS newsletter. Also meeting decided that some amount of renumeration should be given to the coordinator in order to sustain the program.

CAN SofTech space in MPP stall for FOSS Community

MPP has decided that they will be providing a space at their stall for FOSS Community at the CAN SofTech 2007 going to be held from 2nd May,2007 to 5th May,2007. We discussed how to mobilize the volunteers during the event and what type of information are to be disseminated during the event.

Decision: The meeting decided that the mobilization of the volunteers for the FOSS Community space will be done by Amit Aryal. He will be contacting the volunteers and prepare their schedule for the 4 days event.

Freedom Toaster & Software Freedom Day Preparation(SFD)

The meeting has decided to call another general meeting on the coming FOSS Ka Kura (FKK) day to discuss on upcoming SFD. Also, we decided that Freedom Toaster will be installed targeting the SFD event.