April 11 2010

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  1. Training for HSEB Teachers
  2. FKK
  3. Orientation in the ministry
  4. FM Program

Members Present

  1. Subir Pradhanang
  2. Jwalanta Shrestha
  3. Abhishek Singh
  4. Akash Deep Shakya
  5. Suraj Sapkota
  6. Kailash Budathoki


Training for HSEB Teachers

  • Training materials along with the tutorial CDs to be made for all the installation and customization.
  • Training programme to be developed in a phased manner.
  • Assignment of two resource persons for a day.
  • A wiki page to be created for the discussion and syllabus development of the teachers training.
  • Jwalanta will coordinate with Pravin Dai (BVS) to fix the date of the training and create possible syllabus in about 1 week from April 11, 2010. Rest of the team will collaborate in wiki for syllabus.


  • FKK is decided to be held of every first sunday of each Nepali month, making the schedule a standard.
  • A query mail would be sent to the mailing list at least two weeks before the exact date to invite speakers and venue providers.
  • Kailash Budathoki, from IOE Pulchowk, is assigned as FKK Coordinator.
  • A pool of topics (for FKK) would be developed and interested speakers would be assigned slots accordingly.
  • A regular meeting before/after FKK by default.

Orientation in the Ministry

  • OTRC took the responsibility for this program.

FM Program

  • Requires a script to be prepared in advance for technology related news (focus on FOSS).
  • Includes a 5-10 minutes of report in Kantipur FM.
  • Interested candidates would be called in through an announcement in the mailing list.

One of the Agenda for the next meeting would be creating/restructuring the steering committee for the community.